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Algae Microfarms
can help transform our food culture
by Robert Henrikson
Available at
$29.95 • 8" x 10" • Full Color • 148 pages •
ISBN-10: 148396826X
Microfarms for home, school, community and urban gardens, rooftop, mobile and vertical farms and living buildings. How algae microfarms can help transform our food culture by growing abundant healthy food in a small area, extend the growing season, affordably and profitably.

Algae Architecture and Landscapes
by Robert Henrikson and Mark Edwards
Available at
$29.95 • 8" x 10" • Full Color • 164 pages •
ISBN-10: 1475128125
How will growing algae change the world and improve our lives? Imagine our future living in cities where buildings are covered with photosynthetic skins and vertical gardens, collecting the sun's energy and producing food and energy for urban citizens. Imagine greening deserts and producing food for millions of people.

Bamboo Architecture
In Competition and Exhibition
by Robert Henrikson and David Greenberg
Available at
$29.95 • 8" x 10" • Full Color • 150 pages •
ISBN-10: 1453854967.
Fascinating bamboo buildings and architectural designs from around the world from the Bamboo Building Design Competition and other exhibitions. Architects and designers from 64 countries submitted 250 designs for family houses, urban buildings, emergency shelters, commercial buildings, pavilions and tree houses.

Earth Food Spirulina

Spirulina World Food
How this micro algae can transform your health and our planet.
by Robert Henrikson
Available at
The Complete Guide to a powerful food that can help rebuild our health and restore our environment.
Since 1989, Earth Food Spirulina has been called the definitive popular reference book about spirulina. This 2010 edition Spirulina • World Food has been updated by the author, Robert Henrikson. He has pioneered algae as a world resource for 30 years.

Bamboo Book
Visionary Bamboo Designs
for Ecological Living
by Robert Henrikson and David Greenberg

Based on the 2007 International Bamboo Building Design Competition
An Architecture Design Competition of Structural Bamboo Buildings
Featuring over 50 finalist designs

Bamboo DVD
Bamboo Living Homes and Resorts
produced by Robert Henrikson
for Bamboo Technologies

Building Code Certified Natural Homes
for All Climates
This DVD features 6 Bamboo Living movies and 6 slideshows

Bamboo Movies Online

Folding Time and Space Folding Time and Space 2004 DVD
8 Burning Man Movies:
The Return of Otter Clan 04 • Otter Clan Does Burning Man 03 • In Search of the New Man 04 • Burning Man 04, Burning Man 03 • Temple Burn 03, Panoramas 99-04 • Promenade Esplanade 04
6 Folding-Time Movies:
Center Camp 04 • Man and Dome 04 • Black Rock City 04, Man and Pyramid 03 • Man and Lighthouse 02 • Making Folding-Time 02.
5 Panorama Slide Shows:
2004, 2003, 2002, 2000, 1999

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