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 • network of independent algae consultants
in commercial algae production, processing, product development, marketing and sales.

Consulting Services
• Review assumptions, projections, feasibility studies and business plans
• Review criteria and timelines for scaling up stages of production
• Review pathways for revenue streams from services and products
• Evaluate locations: climate, land, water, nutrients, regulatory issues
• Advise on production technology, materials and procurement
• Assess product devlopment, marketing, sales and regulatory issues
• Coordinate company management, focus and direction
Consultant Biographies
How biofuel ventures can harvest from the third algae bloom.
What business model, value chain and product development will build revenue streams to buy time to scale and learn how to reduce cost?

Algae Producrs

How big investments in the 'biofuel of the future' will grow our future food and its own biopackaging from algae.

Hundreds of millions of dollars from government, corporate and private sources have flowed into algae ventures for third generation biofuels. This investment has triggered innovation in research, strategies and methods to achieve large scale commercialization of biofuel. Algae Alliance consultants are veterans with experience from the past 30 years in commercial algae cultivation, product development and sales.
We review strategic plans, business plans, projections and assumptions for algae ventures, investors and strategic partners. Evaluate assumptions and methodologies. Review pathways from lab to pilot to demonstration plant to full scale deployment. Assess production inputs, materials and processes. Identify higher value non-fuel product revenue streams and pathways to market.

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